SMS Broadcast

Over the past few years bulk SMS has become a legitimate channel for Marketing, Sales or Customer intimation all over the world. Brands have begun to treat the mobile shortcode as a mobile domain name allowing the consumer to text message the brand at an event, in store and off any traditional media.

There are few, but not the all benefits of Bulk SMS:

  • Reduce costs, save time
  • Promotional marketing
  • Customer updates
  • Email notifications
  • Appointment reminders
  • Business updates

We offer two different type Bulk SMS Solutions as per customer need:

1. Small Business Solution:

You may have a little amount of budget and need to broadcast an SMS campaign for a small period of time then This Solution is for you.
We can use your existing mobile SIM for broadcast of SMS. Our team will connect and configure your Mobile Phone with your system from where you can send bulk SMS to a group of people.

2. Large Business/Corporate Solution:

This is ideal if you want to handle thousands of SMS/sec. This solution based on SMPP protocol where customer machine will be connected local available mobile operator. Our development team will help you in selection of hardware as well as delivery of complete solution. SMS can be sent with 3 or 4 digit short code or with you company name.


We provide fix charges monthly or annually support. We also offer hourly rate remote online support as per your SMS campaign.


Our SMS Broadcast Solutions are designed and priced such that it bring saving of time and costs to our client businesses. The prices vary based on the following factors:

  • Required infrastructure / hardware / software
  • Project complexity
  • Number of calls handling
  • Agreement Terms
  • To get a price quote, please contact us on