eFax is a robust technology that give you a freedom of send/receive your faxes anywhere in the World. eFax replaces traditional fax machine and enables you to send and receive faxes using Internet. By using eFax services, you can save cost of fax machines, toner and paper. You don't need to install a fax machine or maintain toner or papers. You can access your eFax account from anywhere on a deviceconnected to Internet and enables you to send and receive faxes anywhere in the World.

Solution Highlight

Our solution is based on an Open-Source technology that is fully configurable, customizable and highly scalable. No license fee! We can develop efax Solution on your existing machine/server so that you can save your hardware cost, depends upon your requirement.

High value key features:

Our efax solution comes with following features:

  • Receiving fax
  • Sending fax
  • Record keeping of send/receive fax
  • Address book
  • Features can be added or changed as per your requirement


Vertexsol understands your needs for smooth running of your services, so we offer fix charges monthly or annually support. We also offer hourly rate remote online support.


Our Call Center Solutions are designed and priced such that it bring saving of time and costs to our client businesses. The prices vary based on the following factors:

  • Required infrastructure / hardware / software
  • Project complexity
  • Number of calls handling
  • Agreement Terms
  • To get a price quote, please contact us on sales@vertexsol.com