Solar Solutions

Vertexsol provides renewable energy solutions, products, installation, and maintenance services to commercial and residential sectors of Pakistan. We have a fully dedicated team who handle installations and after sale support with full commitment. We are passionate about helping Pakistan who is suffering badly from power shortage and will help people to manage their energy needs as per their own instead of depending on traditional power sources.

Our Solar Solutions

We provide following solar solutions:

Grid-Tie Solar Solution

Grid-Tie Solar Energy Systems provide your home/premises with AC power and produces energy that offsets your energy demand load from the grid, turning your meter back. Grid-Tie with Backup Systems store extra energy in the event of a utility grid power outage.

Off-Grid Solar Solution

Off-Grid Solar Solution provide your home/premises with AC power for efficient lighting, refrigeration and appliances. Special appliances are used to increase the efficiently of system with reliable standby power and critical load support. A back-up generator can also be integrated into your Off-Grid Solar Solutions as an emergency back-up.

Home/Office Solar Solution

Ideal for any home or business location with an existing electrical utility connection, our Solar Solutions generates power whenever sun is shining. After sunset, system will automatically shift to WAPDA/K-Electric power source. Additionally, during night time, if WAPDA/K-Electric is not available then system will shift to battery power source. During day time, if you are generating more than your required solar power then it can be sold back to WAPDA/ K-Electric to reduce your total electrical bill.

Industrial Solar Solution

Industrial Solar Solutions meet heavy power requirement of industries that reduce operational cost of industry and avoid dependability on power supply company.