SIP-PRI Gateway

Our SIP-PRI Gateway is to take advantage of the benefits of SIP Trunking and free SIP Trunk Channels with your traditional PBX. Our SIP-PRI Gateway is a VoIP Trunking Gateway for service providers and medium to large enterprises.

SIP-PRI Gateway bridges packet networks to traditional voice network which include ISDN PRI. Our SIP-PRI Gateway is fully compatible with both old and advanced PBXs. A PRI Interface must be required at PBX Side. PRI Gateway is also fully tested with almost all vendor's SIP Servers.

Benefits of SIP-PRI Gateway

  • Preserve your investment in existing traditional telephony (phones, PBX, etc.) equipment
  • Use your VoIP account/service to get traditional PRI Services
  • You can connect multiple offices via SIP Trunks all on one account and make free calls between the offices
  • Easily upgradeable from single PRI to 4 PRIs

High value key features

The system provides:

  • Inbound/outbound calling
  • CLI
  • ISDN Q.931 Signaling support

Features can be added or changed as per your requirement


We provide fix charges monthly or annually support. We also offer hourly rate remote online support.


Our SIP-PRI Gateway is designed and priced such that it bring saving of time and costs to our client businesses. The prices vary based on the Number of PRIs required.

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