FXO/FXS over E1 Multiplexer

FXO/FXS to E1 Mulplexer used to transport FXO/FXS over E1.

Technical Parameters

Interface: E1
Bandwidth: 2048Kbps
Line code: HDB3
Electric characteristic: comply with ITU-TG.703 standard
Jitter index: comply with ITU-T G.823 standard
Interface impedance: 75Ω unbalance and 120Ω balance
Connector: BNC for 75Ω and RJ45 for 120Ω

Telephone Interface:
Connector: RJ45
Impedance:200Ω+680Ω ‖ 0.1uF

Console Management: Connector RJ45 for monitor and configuration

AC,DC Power
Power Consumption: ≤30W Operating temperature: 0°C~70°C

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